Tea has been consumed in China for thousands of years. However, the first documented case of caffeine consumption for its stimulating effects was done in the 15th century by Sufis of Yemen to aid concentration during evening prayer. By the 16th century coffee houses were established in Cairo, Istanbul, and Mecca. Coffee houses expanded into Europe in the 17th century and thus became a worldwide phenomena. Today the strongest caffeinated beverages are available in Japan. The first near pure extraction and isolation of caffeine was done in 1819 by German chemist Friedrich Ferdinand Runge. According to German legend it was instigated by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Today there are over six thousand Starbucks worldwide!


Caffeine is now regarded as one of the most popular and best legal highs and this is the cheapest you will find it.

Caffeine gives a powerful stimulating effect making you feel awake, uplifted and ready for anything. It can have a significant positive effect on your performance and mobilises fatty acids from your fat stores so they are burned by your body. It is the most widely used drug in the world and taking it pure makes it more effective.

It can be used for many purposes including the following:

  • Physical training
  • Weight loss
  • Physical performance and endurance
  • Concentration and studying
  • Enhancing social interactions

caffeine molecule

In general, each of the following contains approximately 10 grams of caffeine:

  • One hundred 100 milligram caffeine pills
  • Thirty four kilos of chocolate
  • Twenty three litres of regular coffee
  • Twenty five tubes of Spazzstick Caffeinated Lip Balm
  • One hundred Foosh Energy Mints
  • One hundred Buzz Bites Chocolate Energy Chews
  • One hundred and twenty five bottles of Bawls caffeinated drink
  • One hundred and fifty standard Excedrin pills
  • One hundred and twenty five cans of Red Bull energy drink
  • Two hundred cups of Vault energy drink
  • Two hundred and fifty shots of espresso from robusta beans
  • Two hundred and fifty cups of black tea
  • Two hundred and fifty cups of Mountain Dew
  • Four hundred and twenty-five cups of Coca-Cola Classic
  • Five hundred cups of green tea
  • Two thousand five hundred cups of decaffeinated coffee
  • Ten grams of pure caffeine powder

pure caffeine powder